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Torill Vist: Music experience as Potential for Emotion Knowledge

A study of the relationship between music and emotions. The project is based on qualitative interviews.

Field of study: Music Education


The study investigates music experience in the way it relates to emotion learning and knowledge. Its research question is:

Can music experience be considered to be a mediating tool for emotion knowledge? If so, how

The project is empirical and based on ten semi-structured, individual interviews of five women and five men of different ages and with different genre preferences. Five of them are music professionals and five are from other professions. The analysis, which was performed in several sequences, can be called ideographic content analysis, or more specifically meaning condensation, with elements of meaning categorization and meaning interpretation, primarily inspired by van Manen’s (2001) hermeneutic-phenomenological and Giorgi’s (1985, 1989) phenomenologic-psychological methods.

The dissertation

Title (translated from Norwegian): Music Experience as Potential for Emotion Knowledge: A Study of Music Experience as a Mediating Tool for Emotion Knowledge, Focusing on Emotion Availability and Understanding

The dissertation is a monograph, and it is written in Norwegian.

The dissertation is available in NMH's digital archive.

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Published: Jan 10, 2017 — Last updated: Feb 21, 2024