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Music in Pae­di­at­ric Hos­pit­als. Nor­d­ic Per­spect­ives

This anthology is a contribution to the growing evidence base for music approaches in paediatrics – with a unique focus on Nordic perspectives.

Music can be a significant health resource for children and their families in paediatric hospitals. Music therapy, music medicine and other music approaches are developing as part of children’s hospitals in the Nordic countries. Positions are established in some countries, and there is a growing interest in the field, both among politicians and health professionals. Still, the inclusion of music in paediatric hospitals is not a matter of course and the process of integrating music in Nordic hospitals could be said to be in an early phase.

As a contribution to the growing evidence base for music approaches in paediatrics, the anthology is of value to both practitioners and researchers interested in how music can be integrated in paediatric hospitals. At the same time, it is an invitation to hospital managers and health politicians to use the potentials of music therapy, music medicine and other music approaches and the competencies of professionals in these fields in a steady improvement of paediatric health care.

The anthology covers a range of topics and perspectives. The articles, written by authors from across the Nordic countries, give insights into both selected practice areas within the paediatric hospital setting, research, theory, and core concepts. Although Nordic contexts are highlighted, the insights are also highly relevant to the international community.

“This state-of-the-art music therapy anthology highlights the depth of theory and clinical practice taking place in pediatric hospitals. The insights so generously provided from a vast array of Nordic perspectives will certainly influence global music therapy research and practice.”

Joanne V. Loewy DA LCAT, MT-BC Director, The Louis Armstrong Center for Music & Medicine Mount Sinai Beth Israel, NYC

About the editors

Lars Ole Bonde, PhD, is an independent senior researcher with former affiliations to Aalborg University and CREMAH/Norwegian Academy of Music. He is a certified music therapist, clinical supervisor and primary trainer in Guided Imagery and Music. He has numerous publications on music therapy, music psychology, and music and health.

Kjersti Johansson, PhD, is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for Research in Music and Health (CREMAH), Norwegian Academy of Music. She is a music therapist and has worked with children with disabilities.

Published: Aug 27, 2021 — Last updated: Aug 27, 2021