About The Norwegian Academy of Music

The Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) is a leading artistic and academic university college with over 600 students.

NMH offers music education founded on research and artistic development work. Our teachers are leading performers, music pedagogues, conductors, church musicians, music therapists and composers.

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Facade of the Norwegian Academy of Music, photo taken on a cold winter morning, at dusk
Photo: Jiri Havran

Music Disciplines and Working Groups

The high quality of education offered at the Norwegian Academy of Music is made possible by our faculty and staff of highly qualified professionals. The competence of over 180 employees spans many genres and specializations, ensuring breadth in teaching, research and presentation. The Norwegian Academy of Music fosters strong communities in performance, music education, academic and creative disciplines through its active working groups.

The history of the Norwegian Academy of Music starts with its opening in 1973, but the school has an academic heritage that extends back to the 19th century, beginning with the Lindeman family.

Concert Activity

Experience our students, staff and guest instructors in concerts, masterclasses and academic conferences. The Norwegian Academy of Music houses over 300 concerts per year, the highest concert production activity among Oslo's many halls and music venues. Many concerts are also organized in collaboration with local organizations and partners in Oslo and the surrounding area.

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Among the Best Environments for Music Education

The Norwegian Academy of Music has excellent concert halls, recording studios, the largest specialty music library in Norway, and an extensive collection of historical instruments. Rooms and suites are designed and equipped to give students and staff optimal access and resources for teaching, research, artistic development, creativity and musical expansion. Our buildings and facilities provide among the best and most modern music education environments in Europe.

The bridge between building 1 and 2

In search of organized time 04. April 2017

Christian Blom was tired of composing music on a computer and listening to music through loudspeakers. He is currently finishing a project where ideas about how time is organized result in subtle works in the form of performances and installations.

Endless possibilities – in sound and music 20. December 2016

Courses in electroacoustic composition will soon be offered at the Norwegian Academy of Music. The internationally renowned composer Natasha Barrett is developing a field that will differ substantially from traditional composition programmes.

The Norwegian Music Academy Buildings and Facilities

  • Auditoriet
  • Bibliotekets resepsjon
  • Bibliotek
  • Pauseområde Auditoriet
  • Undervisningsrom
  • Undervisningsrom
  • Undervisningsrom
  • Lydstudio 2. hus
  • Lindemansalen
  • Kantine
  • Resepsjon i administrasjonen
  • Orgel Sandvoldsalen
Last updated: 26. August 2014