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Keynote: Andreas Vierziger

Andreas Vierziger

It is with great honour we present Andreas Vierziger as our second keynote speaker at the conference Connection, Collaboration & Co-creation - Ways forward for higher music education in November 2023.

Career Skills and Mindsets for a Classical Music Artist

What are the key skills and mindsets that classical music artists need to cultivate in order to excel in their artistic careers beyond the actual mastery of their artistic discipline?

Let’s look at the solid foundation in musical skills simply as a base: Effective self-management skills are essential for classical musicians to succeed in their careers. Pursuing a portfolio career as a classical musician requires a strategic approach. Key aspects can include establishing a strong social media presence in today's digital landscape, clever branding, solid networking skills, building a community, an understanding of the classical music market, finding a unique selling proposition and sometimes identifying a niche, innovating new things, re-thinking the concert, self-organization and time management, and the capability of not only identifying but also seizing opportunities. Proactivity in any case is one of the ways to success.

Moreover, self-management involves stress management and self-care which might be a difficult task with the given workload a classical musician faces. This includes prioritizing tasks in order to avoid being overwhelmed and it also includes knowing when it is the right time to say no. Defining the personal meaning of the word career is of the utmost importance in order to keep the personal professional path both sustainable and fulfilling.

About Andreas Vierziger

Music curator and strategist Andreas Vierziger works internationally with partners in the classical music industry and beyond, including the Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam, the Paris Opera Competition, David Lynch's Silencio Club in Paris, Camerata Salzburg, Budapest Spring Festival, and others.

As a music supervisor, Vierziger worked for various cinema films, and productions of e.g. Netflix, theatre performances, and fashion shows in Paris, London, and Milan by designers such as Vivienne Westwood.

He has sat on the jury of more than 25 international music competitions and regularly lectures at numerous music and art universities including Tokyo, Vienna, Zurich, Copenhagen, Budapest, Helsinki, and Paris-Sorbonne.

Read more about Andreas Vierziger on his website

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