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The NMH students are super motivated but use little digital tools in their learning

The results from the study barometer 2022 show that NMH scores highly and is above the national average in most areas.

The NMH students are still satisfied with the study programs they attend, with an average score of 4.2 out of a possible 5. It is the same as the previous year and 0.4 above the national average.

Super motivated

Motivation is one of the single questions rated highest by the students at NMH. "I am motivated for study effort" gets 4.3 out of 5 possible. That is 0.6 above the national average and 0.3 above NMH's results for 2021.

Questions about digital tools' use and learning outcomes in learning receive a lower score than the national average. More on this further down.

Where NMH scores highly

Satisfaction is high in learning, assessment, personal commitment, and professional and social environment. The learning area received a score of 4.1, which has decreased slightly compared to 2021 (-0.2). The students are most satisfied that it requires understanding and reasoning, that they must participate actively, and that the study motivates effort.

Some results on individual questions about teaching and feedback.

  • "The academic staff make teaching engaging": 4.1
  • "The academic staff convey the teaching material/syllabus understandably": 4.1
  • "The teaching is designed so that the students will participate actively": 4.3
  • "The professional staff's ability to give constructive feedback": 4.0
  • "Fellow students' ability to give constructive feedback": 3.9

Satisfaction is high in learning, assessment, personal commitment, and professional and social environment.

From the Study barometer 2022

Connection to working life

Some of the individual questions where we differ most positively compared to the national result are about connection to working life. On the claim "Representatives from working life contribute to teaching (e.g., as guest lecturers/course holders)", NMH scores 4.0. This score is 1.0 above the national average score and 0.5 up from 2021. It is the question that has improved much since the measurement last year - and here we can talk about an effect of the pandemic is over.

The claim "There are opportunities to work on projects/tasks in collaboration with working life" scores 3.6. It is also relatively high (0.9) above the national average.

At the same time, the statement "I get an introduction to how I can convey my competence to potential employers" is the one NMH gets the lowest score on, 3.1, and something the college must improve in the future.


The students at NMH are more satisfied with the influence on their studies than the average student in Norway. The statement "Students have the opportunity to give input on the content and structure of the study program" scores 3.8 - 0.8 above the national average.

Where NMH scores in the middle of the road

Organization of the study gets a lower score of 3.4, the same as the national average. Nevertheless, the students are more satisfied with the organization than last year, when it was one of the few points where NMH scored lower than the rest of the country.

The students are also more satisfied with the arrangement of the study program (timetable, study plan, etc.) than last year. The score this year is 3.0 compared to 2.8 in 2021. More students are satisfied with the availability and quality of information about the study programme than in the previous measurement. The availability of information about the study programme gets a score of 3.4, and the quality of information about the study programme gets a score of 3.3 (against 3.2 for both claims in 2021).

Digital tools

On one point, the NMH students consistently score lower than the national average, which is the use and learning outcomes of digital tools in teaching. Some use learning platforms such as Canvas (score 2.2) occasionally or often, but the score drops when they have to assess whether they contribute to good learning. It is better on other and more specialized tools such as Sibelius. Not many use Sibelius (score 1.6), but several of those who state that they use it think teaching using the device contributes to good education (score 1.8).

NMH is in the process of upgrading its competence in technology in teaching, among other things, with a team for technology in learning and teaching (TIGER), which conducts training and guidance.

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