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Gaute Storsve: Instrument learning in upper secondary school

How do collective processes contribute to in-depth learning in instrumental learning for jazz/pop/rock students in upper secondary school?

Field of study: Music Education


This project examines how collective processes contribute to in-depth instrument learning for jazz/pop students in upper secondary schools in Norway. Collective processes mean all aspects of how students work together to develop competence in their instruments. Collective processes have been pointed to as important for development of important skills for jazz/pop musicians. However, this is a scarcely researched subject.

The data consists of qualitative research interviews of jazz/pop/rock students at six-eight music programs at upper secondary schools. Storsve looks upon the collective processes inside formal contexts at school in connection to informal contexts inside and outside of school. Activity theory will be used for analyzing the interviews. The formal and informal learning contexts could be seen as different activity systems that function together, and consequently contribute to students developing skills across contexts.

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Published: Jun 8, 2022 — Last updated: Mar 9, 2023