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The Norwegian Academy of Music History Project

Svart-hvitt-bilde av Norges musikkhogskole i 1983

In 2023, the Norwegian Academy of Music will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The Academy’s History Project will provide research and documentation of the institution’s activities and development throughout its long history.

What driving forces ensured the establishment of a government-funded academy of music in 1973 – 90 years after Ludvig Mathias and Peter Lindeman founded an organists’ school, subsequently known as the Oslo Conservatoire (Musikkonservatoriet i Oslo)? What priorities have been given to various disciplines over the years, such as pedagogy, performance, and different musical genres? To what extent have the most prominent Norwegian professional musicians influenced the institution, and what issues and concerns have been important to the changing principals and administrations?

The Academy’s History Project is a collaborative project between the Norwegian Academy of Music and the Lindeman Foundation. The project does not aim to provide exhaustive answers to all these questions, and additional ones will arise. However, some of these issues will form the core of the work towards the anniversary. The aim of the project is to produce research on, and documentation of, the Conservatoire’s and the Academy's creation, development and operations. It will also consider the institutions’ operations in relation to the history of culture and music education in general, both nationally and internationally.

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Published: Mar 11, 2020 — Last updated: May 29, 2024