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Mas­ter of Music in Con­duct­ing

En dirigent veiver oppglødd dirigentstaven sin foran et orkester.

If you are interested in conducting professional ensembles in Norway or abroad, this is a programme for you. Focus is placed on your individual musical development, and the Academy offers a solid and versatile academic environment where you can pursue your studies as a conductor.

The Master’s programme in conducting is a unique practical conducting course where you will have the opportunity to lead several professional ensembles.

As a deeply committed conductor, the Master’s programme gives you a firm basis for your future development. In your studies, you will cultivate the ability to work in a disciplined and independent manner with accomplished experts and ensembles.

Good musical leaders

The Master’s programme in conducting is vital in music that has a great need for good musical leaders. It will enable you to develop your talent as a performer through relevant practice and reflection. The solid foundation you establish here will shape your career as a professional conductor.

Your fellow students and instructors will be essential allies through an academic council that will give you helpful feedback. As a musical leader, you will acquire the necessary expertise to convey your enthusiasm for ensembles of various sizes.

When you have completed your studies

When you have completed your studies, you will have the opportunity to shape a future musical landscape in a variety of artistic contexts and will be prepared to accept significant challenges in a national and international music community that is in a constant process of change.


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Published: Mar 13, 2020 — Last updated: Dec 18, 2023