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Nor­we­gi­an Lan­gua­ge Course

Kort om emnet

This is a beginner’s course for international students. The course provides instruction in the following four language skills: pronunciation/speaking, writing, listening to Norwegian and reading Norwegian.

Course coordinator: Cathrine Rysst.


After completing the course, students are expected to

  • read, speak and write about the subjects listed above under "Course content"
  • understand oral discourse about topics relating to everyday life
  • have a pronunciation good enough so that communication is not hampered
  • write about those topics addressed in the course and express thoughts and opinions using simple language

Final marks will show to which extent students have benefited from this course.


The course introduces Norwegian phonetics and grammar, e.g. word order, the declension of nouns, adjectives and verbs, the use of tenses and pronouns and expressions of time. Topics covered include being a foreign student at a Norwegian higher education institution, greetings/presenting oneself, families, food and drink, living conditions, tourist attractions, and expressing needs, feelings and assessments.


The course starts with a two-day seminar (5 hours a day). Tuition is twice a week during the fall semester: 3 hours classroom tuition and 1 hour group work with instruction.

Home assignments are given between each lesson.


  • Participation in all parts of the subject is compulsory. Students not showing up during two-day seminar and first 2 sessions will be expelled from the course.
  • 80 % attendance required for this course.
  • Two longer written assignments in relation to the curriculum must be completed during the semester.
  • There will be a verbal test, a 5-10 minutes presentation in front of the class.

Avsluttende vurdering

All coursework requirements must be approved prior to obtaining final assessment. The final assessment is a 3-hour written test. Final assessment is expressed with the grades passed - not passed

New assessment

In the event of an assessment not passed, a new examination will be carried out in accordance with the same rules governing ordinary examinations

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