Dynamic Rock

Healthpromoting music furniture?

Project leader:
Karette Annie Stensæth

Project participants:
Even Ruud

Project period:
2010 – 2015

Research centre:


Music therapy, Music and health

RHYME is a five year research project (2010-2015) financed by Research Council of Norway through the VERDIKT programme. 

New exciting prototypes of “co-creative tangibles" are ready for testing per June 2014. These are called Polly World. An anthology called Music, Health, Technology and Design in the Series from Centre for Music and Health will be published November 2014.

The goal of the RHYME project is to improve health and life quality for persons with severe disabilities, through use of “co-creative tangibles”. These are ICT based, mobile, networked and multimodal things, which communicate following musical, narrative and communicative principles. They are interactive, social, intelligent things that motivate people to play, communicate and co-create, and thereby reduce passivity and isolation, and strengthen health and well-being. 

More information on the web RHYME.


"Ebbe" is developed in a student project within RHYME. Photo: Stian Ruud.


From the first generation of interactive objects.  Photo: Birgitta Cappelen.

The RHYME project is a unique collaboration between leading institutions in the fields of Interaction Design, Tangible Interaction, Industrial Design, Universal Design and Music and Health; Institute of Design, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Institute of Informatics, University of Oslo and Centre for Music and Health, Norwegian Academy of Music.

RHYME received 10 millions over five years from the Norwegian Research Counsil. 

Project leader


Karette Annie Stensæth


Music Therapy

Last updated: 25. October 2012