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Bach­el­or of Music with Indi­vidu­al Con­cen­tra­tion FRIKA

En student går en en vindeltrapp bærende på en saksofon og et noteark

Not all artists fit in to the traditional Bachelor programme mould.

The Norwegian Academy of Music offers a programme tailored to fit your unique talents.

The Individual Concentration Programme (FRIKA) is for students who want to create their own musical niche, and who cannot do this by following an ordinary Bachelor's programme.

The programme is individually adapted for each student. Students will be challenged to take individual choices and to explore creative perspectives. The programme results in a Bachelor’s degree. Some courses are compulsory, however, especially from the third year of study, students are given the freedom to choose courses from the Academy’s catalogue of electives.

FRIKA students are expected to be independent and original, and only a few students are admitted to the programme each year.

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