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Master of Music Performance

Programme Length

2 years (120 ECTS credits)

Language of Instruction

Norwegian or English

Application Deadline

15 December. Online application (SøknadsWeb) opens 1 November.

Application and auditions

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements on the bottom of the page


Programme Description

The Master’s Degree Programme in Music Performance is designed to provide a high-quality academic music education and to produce knowledgeable, independent musicians. During the programme, you will plan and execute a Master’s Project: an in-depth study of a chosen topic and/or repertoire area. This is your own artistic project; you select the theme and are responsible for the project’s completion. Building a repertoire on the principal instrument is a central part of the programme.

The programme will provide the basis for admission to Ph.D. programmes and the Artistic Research Programme.<

Curriculum for the Master of Music Performance enrolment 2019

The 7 concentrations:

1. Solo Instrument or Chamber Music Ensemble:

This specialisation is targeted towards classical music and entails in-depth study of solo instrument or chamber music ensemble. In the first semester of studies the content is based on solo performance. Students who wish to may form a chamber music group and receive supervision as a group. Beginning in the second semester, students may apply to take a specialisation in chamber music; the application deadline is 15 October of the first semester of studies. Students accepted into the specialisation in chamber music must complete their Master’s Project with the chamber music group. Note that you apply for this specialisation as a soloist; Chamber music groups are put together during the first semester of studies.

Students of orchestral instruments admitted to the programme can apply for internships at the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. There is a separate audition for the internship and students accepted receive a scholarship. 

2. Improvised Music/Jazz:

If you wish to further develop your skills in improvised music/jazz: this specialisation is for you. This programme aims to increase your awareness of your musical identity, as well as your roles and opportunities in the world of professional music. The focal point of the programme is the development and execution of artistic projects. Graduate work in this field means a heavy and expansive workload, and you need to be able to immerse yourself in multiple artistic challenges over time.

Both ensembles and individual performers may apply. Each ensemble member must submit their own application. If you apply as an individual performer, you must have ample opportunity for collaborative/ensemble performance in your coursework.

3. Nordic Master: The Composing Musician(NoCoM)

Nordic Master: The Composing Musician (NoCoM) is a concentration in the Master of Music Performance Degree Programme, offered as a joint study program by The Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo (NMH), The Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg (HSM) and Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen (RMC) in the field of creative performance, with a focus on composition. The students have the opportunity to take advantage of the expertise of three separate institutions, as well as gain access to a Scandinavian network of contacts in the relevant professions in Oslo, Gothenburg and Copenhagen.

The programme is open both to musicians who are studying or have studied improvised/rhythmic music and/or composition, and to other musicians with relevant qualifications. It is a prerequisite to have a bachelor’s degree in music or equivalent educational qualifications with a minimum of 80 credits of specialisation in music performance subjects.

4. Traditional Norwegian (Nordic) Folk Music:

This specialisation is normally based on solo performance, but it may be adapted to include various types of ensembles.

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5. Accompaniment and Chamber Music for Classical Pianists:

This specialisation is for classical pianists who want to obtain qualifications to work as accompanists and chamber musicians at a high level.

6. Opera Répétiteur:

This specialisation is for students who want to obtain qualifications to work as a professional-level répétiteur in keeping with the standards that apply at Norwegian and international opera houses. The core of this program is the theoretical and practical work as a répétiteur with opera and music theatre repertoires, both alone and in collaboration with others (vocalists, voice instructors, instrumentalists, conductors and directors). 

The program includes practice as a répétiteur at the Norwegian Academy of Music, the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (opera department) and the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet. There is a scholarship for practice at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet.

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7. Performance with Thesis:

This specialisation is for students in various genres and is suitable for those who want to combine performance and theory in their Master’s Project. The Master’s Project involves both performance and a written thesis which elucidate each other and represent a cohesive whole.

NB: NMH history project offers scholarships (NOK 30.000) to master students who decide to write their thesis in a field relevant for the history project. Read more about the scholarship and how to apply here.

Admission Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in music or equivalent educational qualifications with a minimum of 80 credits of specialisation in music performance subjects. Entrance examinations adapted to the individual concentration will be administered to applicants. The applicant’s level at the audition must be equivalent to a four-year Bachelor of Music Performance at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Applicants from outside the Nordic Countries may apply by video audition

Information about application and auditions

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If you have questions about applications and auditions, please contact: opptak@nmh.no

Tel: +47 23 36 70 00 (Phone time 12.00-15.00 Monday-Friday)

Contact your programme leader if you have any questions about the academic content of your study programme.

Performance - Solo/Chamber Music


Kjell Tore Innervik

Associate Professor




Håkon Storm-Mathisen

Associate Professor

Jazz Guitar, Jazz-teori

The Composing Musician (NoCom)


Helge Sunde

Associate Professor

Composition, Music Theory, Arranging

Traditional Nordic Folk Music


Unni Løvlid

Associate Professor

Folk singing / 'kveding'

Accompaniment and Chamber Music (pianists)


Matti Hirvonen



Opera Répétiteur

Boris Schäfer

Boris Schäfer

Associate Professor

Opera Coaching

Performance with Thesis


Gjertrud Pedersen

Associate Professor

Music History

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