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Com­po­ser Per­for­mer – Per­for­mer Com­po­ser

  • Gjennomføres: 1 semester, høst eller vår.
  • Avsluttende vurdering: Assessment from course instructor.
  • Undervisningsspråk: Engelsk.

Kort om emnet

This workshop-based course is aimed at performers who want to compose and composers who want to perform. The course is open to anyone (bachelors/masters) interested in shifting between composing and interpreting, writing and doing; for anyone interested in discovering their own unique voice and style.

Participants should be rigorous and open to a new challenging way of composing and preparing pieces for performance.

Based loosely in the context of developments in Music Theatre and Experimental Theatre and Dance, students will be encouraged and challenged to create work that engages with the visual, choreographic, and theatrical nature of music as well as generating musical work from non-musical material.

There is no genre-bias. The emphasis is on discovering what the individual has to offer performatively, as a body on stage, their presence and how that can inform their compositional or improvisational process.

Faglærer i emnet: Josh Spear.


After completing the course, students are expected to

  • have knowledge of recent Music Theatre, Experimental Theatre and Dance Theatre
  • be able to present ideas and material and talk about them in public group situations
  • have learnt strategies of giving and receiving feedback
  • have learnt new strategies for generating and adapting material to compose with


The context will be outlined through lectures and presentations led by Josh Spear.

A variety of exercises that focus on movement and improvisation will be introduced. These are modelled on and borrowed from the working processes of companies like Frantic Assembly and Forced Entertainment as well as many composer-performers and theatre-makers working today.


There will be group workshops once every two weeks that will last for three hours. In these group workshops, participants will be required to show ideas, perform, improvise, and give feedback. Participants are expected and encouraged to rehearse and prepare well before the workshops in private or group practice situations that they are in charge of organizing. Participants should wear clothes that they can move in and be willing to take part in all exercises.

The initial session will be a presentation and introduction session.

A tuition plan will be made available by the start of the academic year.


  1. Attendance and active participation is mandatory. More than 20% absence from class will normally cause the student to fail the subject.
  2. Students will be examined on their participation. Participants have to create a solo piece and/or a piece as part of a group that they will perform in themselves at a group show at a venue external to NMH.

Avsluttende vurdering

All course requirements must be fulfilled and approved before the student is given a final assessment.

Student assessment is based on the learning objectives. The final assessment will be given as a pass/fail mark, which will be determined by the course instructor based on each student’s level of achievement throughout the course period.


Students who receive a failing mark must retake the course.

Publisert: 3. des. 2020 — Oppdatert: 3. des. 2020