Job shadowing - a student driven project

Project leader:
Guro Utne Salvesen, Simen Skrebergene, Marin Augusta Stallemo Bakke

Project period:
2017 –

Research centre:

Development work

Professional practice

Students at the Norwegian Academy of Music are being invited to visit and observe academy alumni at work.

The student-driven project is a collaboration between the Student Committee and the Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education (CEMPE). It is supported by NOKUT. The project aims to give the students valuable experience of fields of work that they are interested in. It can help give the students an idea of the realities that await them once they graduate.

Where, when, how?

The project enables the participants to shadow former academy students both in Norway and abroad. The scope of the shadowing programme will be decided by each student and alumnus, but it will generally last a few days.

Project managers

Prosjektledere for jobbskyggingsprosjektet, Guro, Simen og Marin
Guro Utne Salvesen, Simen Skrebergene, Marin Augusta Stallemo Bakke

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Tora Augestad - foto Thomas Olsen
Music students shadowing their role models at work

The job shadowing project gives the students at the Norwegian Academy of Music an opportunity to visit a former student in her or his current job. The goal is for students to gain insight into the work situation of one of their role models and to strengthen contact between the professional field and the education community.

Last updated: 10. February 2018