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Looking Outward

The project logo including the following text "A project for the curiously conscious. August – October 2021. Looking Outward. CEMPE".

Seeing Music Practice in a New Light. Looking Outward is an act of curiosity and a belief that we can learn and create extraordinary things when we work across disciplines and sectors.

Looking Outward is a course for music students and recent alumni initiated by Miranda Harmer (UK) and Camilla Overgaard (DK) in collaboration with the Centre for Excellence in Music Performance Education (CEMPE).

The course itself is an act of curiosity inviting 20-24 participants from Europe and beyond to explore what they know and see it in a new light. Throughout the course the participants will learn from other specialisms with the aim of transferring skills to their own musical practice, creating new networks and enhancing their creative collaborations.

The course consists of 4 sessions and ends with a final and public presentation on Zoom. In the sessions, you will learn from creatives from other sectors including user experience and product design and explore how to transfer this knowledge to your musical practice in subsequent workshops facilitated by Miranda Harmer and Camilla Overgaard.

Group Coaching for Mind Design – approaching learning with curiosity, compassion, and creativity

In addition to the sessions, the Looking Outward team will offer participants the benefits and support of a group coaching experience throughout the Looking Outward project.

Group coaching is about creating action, decision, and self-discovery within a group. The Looking Outward coach, Vourneen Ryan, will provide and encourage an exploratory and learning space between all the Looking Outward group members involved in the project. Vourneen will support participants in bridging the gap from where they are now to where they would like to be.

What will happen at the group coaching sessions?

  • Participants will meet their coach at the Introduction Session for the Looking Outward project. The method used for the group coaching sessions will be Mind Design – approaching learning with curiosity, compassion, and creativity.

  • Participants will be assigned ‘Discovery Pods’. There will be a maximum of 5 participants per pod.

  • Shortly after each Looking Outward session and before the final presentation, there will be a group coaching session with each ‘Discovery Pod’. Each ‘Discovery Pod’ will have 4 group coaching sessions assigned to them throughout the whole project.

  • At each group coaching session, the group coach will ask participants to reflect back on the workshop experience and ask questions. Participants will gain a deeper understanding and clarity around their learning and their response to the workshop experience.

  • Each group coaching session will involve a short presentation on Mindset and how to incorporate a growth mindset in our own learning and in our relationships with others.

Course schedule

  • Introduction – 3rd of August 2021 17:00–19:30 CET

  • Session #1 – 24th of August 2021 17:00–19:30 CET

  • Group Coaching Session 1 – 1st of September*

  • Session #2 – 14th of September 17:00–19:30 CET

  • Group Coaching Session 2 – 24th of September*

  • Session #3 – 5th of October 17:00–19:30 CET

  • Group Coaching Session 3 – 15th of October*

  • Group Coaching Pre Presentation Session – 25th of October*

  • Presentation – 26th of October 17:00–19:30 CET

*Time slots for the coaching sessions will be planned with Vourneen.

The Looking Outward Team

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Published: Jun 23, 2021 — Last updated: Aug 23, 2021