Ph.D. programme in artistic research

Programme length

3 years
180 credits

Language of Instruction

Norwegian/Swedish/Danish and English

Application Deadline

The application deadline for 2019 is not set yet. 

Programme Description

The Ph.D. programme in artistic research intends to secure high level artistic research and leads to expertise as Associate Professor. The programme offers a three-year position as Research Fellow to candidates who have completed the highest achievable art education (a terminal degree) within their subject area.

Admission Requirements

The Ph.D. programme in artistic research  is open to candidates who have completed the highest art education within their subject area. An applicant who has not completed the highest level of higher education within the appropriate field, must document at least five years of professional praxis after having completed a relevant BA degree to be considered for admittance.

See all completed and ongoing projects on the Fellowship Programme.

The application must have a certain content and format. Read more about application requirements.

How to apply

The position posting will be published at under "Vacancies" in the autumn of 2018.


Birgitte Oppegaard Pollen

Birgitte Oppegaard Pollen

Academic Affairs and Research

Frank Havrøy

Associate Professor


Last updated: 30. November 2017