PhD Programme in Artistic Research

Programme Length

3 years (full time)
180 credits

Start-up date

September 1st

Language of Instruction

Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and/or English

The position

The PhD fellow position is a paid position at the academy (about 445 000 NOK a year) and requires permanent residency in Norway for the period of employment (three years).  

Application deadline

Autumn 2020.

Attendance/residency requirement

Candidates on the programme must be resident in Norway and preferably have the Norwegian Academy of Music as their primary employer. Candidates on the programme will be assigned office space but not necessarily their own office during the period of employment.

About the programme

The PhD programme in artistic research intends to secure high level artistic research and leads to expertise as Associate Professor. The programme offers a three-year position as Research Fellow to candidates who have completed the highest achievable art education (a terminal degree) within their subject area.

Please read this information carefully before applying to the programme:

The artistic PhD project

The artistic PhD project comprises an artistic production and a component documenting artistic reflection. The artistic PhD project shall be of such quality that it can help develop new knowledge, insights and experience in the field in question.

The artistic production should be an artistic work of a high quality in terms of

  • originality
  • expression
  • coherence
  • communication

The artistic reflection should be documented in the form of submitted material, especially with regard to

  • the process in terms of artistic choices and turning points
  • the use of theory and methodology
  • dialogue with various networks and professional communities etc.
  • definitions and descriptions of the candidate’s artistic outlook and work in the field in question, both nationally and internationally
  • contributions made to developments in the field, including any innovations

Artistic PhD projects at the Norwegian Academy of Music

There are currently around 20 artistic research fellows working at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

The academy’s project archive contains a summary of completed and ongoing artistic PhD projects.


Please make sure to read the information on this page carefully and to open all links and read the content in them thouroughly. This information should cover about all of what you need to know about the programme. If you, after reading the information carefully, have not found answers to your question, please contact NMH. Further, the we do not answer questions about the call before it is publically announced.

Birgitte Oppegaard Pollen.

Last updated: 30. November 2017