Application requirements - Ph.D. in artistic research

Applications for the Ph.D. programme in artistic research.

Deadline and address

Positions for research fellows are announced and appointed annually with start-up date autumn 2019. The application deadline for start-up 2019 is not yet set.

Application content and format

The application consists of two parts:

1. Electronic application form (will be in the call)

2. Attachments to the application

1. Electronic application form

It is mandatory to use the electronic application form. Applications submitted otherwise, will not be taken in consideration. In the application form you will fill out information about this: 

  • Abstract: summary of the project description
  • Schedule of the study with milestones (activity plan): Per semester.
  • Budget: Show that your project can be carried out with available resources. State any external resources available to you that may strengthen your project. (Letters of intent or similar.) Each research fellow is allocated project funds of 180,000NOK. This amount shall also cover participation in the research fellow seminars and other compulsory activities.
  • Documentation of artistic practice (must be submitted as hyperlinks to YouTube, SoundCloud or any other free platforms): Maximum 5 examples.
  • Suggestions for supervisors: Remember that the main supervisor must be employed by NMH. If the main supervisor is not, you should have a co-supervisor at NMH.

2. Attachments to the application

1. The project description shall not exceed 2500 words. 

Several key points must be covered in the application.

Title: The title can be engaging, provocative and tabloid, however, it must be self-explanatory. Remember to give your own name as originator of the project.

Context: Description of existing research on the subject. Who has researched similar questions earlier, nationally and internationally? In what way does your project supplement or criticise existing research findings? Delimitate and define key concepts in your project.

Method: Description of how you will answer your research questions or how you will conduct your research. Which systematics (regular performances, presentations, use of reference groups etc.) and which type of public dissemination are you planning? (Institutional, national, international?)

Results: In which format will you present your artistic results? (Concerts, public recordings etc.) How will you present the critical reflection done in your project? Are there alternative ways of presenting project findings? (Papers, institutional presentations, national or international forums?)

2. Literature list/reference list: State the references used in your application. State any literature crucial to completing the project, if relevant.

3. Documentation of master degree (diploma)

4. CV

For any questions regarding applications or application process, please contact Birgitte O. Pollen: / 23 36 70 15

Birgitte Oppegaard Pollen

Birgitte Oppegaard Pollen

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Last updated: 6. February 2018