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The Aca­dem­ic PhD Pro­gramme in Music

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This programme provides a sound professional education in music research that will enable you to contribute to scientific developments within your field at national and international level.

The Norwegian Academy of Music offers PhD-level studies within performance practice, music education and music therapy. The Academic PhD Programme is a full-time, three-year course of study and consists of a training component and an independent research project (dissertation).

If you have a Master's degree or equivalent within the academic discipline, you are applying for, and you may apply for the Academic PhD Programme at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

What does the programme include?

In the first part of the programme, you will study, among other things, the philosophy of science, methods, ethics and research dissemination. The programme includes lectures, guidance, independent work and active participation.

Systematic knowledge and research results

As a result of your studies, you will have developed comprehensive and systematic knowledge within your research area. You will have acquired knowledge of theory and methods in your academic discipline. You will be able to research with a high level of ethical awareness and professional integrity. Your research results will be presented in the form of a monograph or a collection of articles issued as part of the Academy's publication series.

After completing your studies

After completing your studies, you will be qualified to work as a university or university college researcher, with developmental work in cultural organisations or other similar positions.

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